What´s Pnukee...

Pnukee is a social content network created to rank websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook pages and articles around the world.

The Pnukee also provides a sophisticated engine management donations from visitors, with bonus values via sharing to encourage more development of quality content for the web.

Users of Pnukee (The Pnukeers) can still interact with sharing, Pnukees comments and more.

Who uses Pnukee?

If you use the internet you can certainly use Pnukee.

There are two classifications for distinguished users. You can be one or both:

You are an web content producer

Site Owner

In this case, you can monetize your content by collecting donations from your visitors. Be it website, blog, article writing, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

You agree in redistribute part of this donation to incentive users to contribute with your site.

You are a internet user

Internet User

Possibly there is material on the web you love!

How about help improve this content you both enjoy with donations and still have a chance to sert subsidized by your donation?

Pnukee gives you that!

Ranking Pnukee

Channels leading our ranking

1Conhecimentos da Bíblia - Pnukee

Conhecimentos da BíbliaDeus abençoe a todos vocês que fizeram a sua doação, se você quer fazer parte dessa lista...

- Blog 1160
- 18 days in this position
0 5 9 2 1 0
2Um quase amor - Pnukee

Um quase amorContos e histórias originais.

- Website 821
- 18 days in this position
2 1 0 0 0 0
3Sensacionagnifico - Pnukee

SensacionagnificoBlog voltado ao humor e entretenimento e curiosidades divertidas da internet

- Blog 831
- 1 year in this position
4 2 0 0 0 3

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